January 18, 2019

Want to Memorize 1 John with me this year?

Marinating in First John
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I’ve just started work to memorize 1 John. Between Whatsap and a Facebook Group, I’m finding some friends to do it with me! A kind of inspirational vi...

October 08, 2014

Leaving the Drama Workshop had its own special kind of drama...

Next year in USA is going to be so boring after living like this...

May 10, 2014

Saving Moses

Because we were focusing all the lessons-styles of drama on this Bible story, I wrote this during the nap break in Vietnam. They take an hour after lunch and all lay on the floor of wherever they are to sleep!

Audience Participation Storytelling: 
teach actions or a repeated word/words 
  • NILE: “Shhhhhh” hands make motion of a river running right to left.
  • EGYPT, EGYPTIANS: Eyptian tune, walk like an Egyptian poses R & L
  • HEBREWS: “God’s People!”
  • BABY, BABIES: “Ahhh.” Rocking/holding a baby.

This is a story about a river called Nile in a land called Egypt. where they had made slaves of the Hebrews. It’s also a story about a brave sister who saved her brother who was a baby.
The king of the Egyptians didn’t like the Hebrews.  He made a terrible plan. He said to his soldiers, “you must kill all the boys who are babies.
Of course this made some people very afraid! Who was afraid? The Hebrews.
One smart mother who was a Hebrew had a very clever idea what to do with her new boy Moses, who was a baby.
She and her family lived near the river Nile so she made a basket that can float to hide her Moses baby in the tlal grass at the edge of the river Nile.
Her daughter Miriam watched carefully everyday to keep him safe from the Egypt…..tians who didn’t like the Hebrews.
But one day the Princess, Daughter of the evil king of the Egyptians, came with her friends to take a bath in the Nile.
And what did she find there in the Nile?
A baby!
“Oh No!” thought the sister, “She is an Egyptian! Shill will kill my Moses baby!”
But the princess loved the baby and took him out of the Nile, and home to her palace in Egypt.
The smart sister told the princess that her mother could be his nurse, so the mommy of Moses came to live in the palace and that’s how a baby was found in the Nile got saved from the Egyptians, and eventually became the leader of the Hebrews.

©2014 Kimberly Creasman. kimberly.creasman@crmleaders.org

July 09, 2013

Games for large groups

Here's a good list of games for youth...
I want to scour thru it and pick which ones would work across cultures...

June 30, 2013

Outreach in June 2013

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Some Community Outreach in Singapore
Three months ago friend who is a Christian with a drama background had a vision forbuilding community in her condominium. Many parents send their children for "enrichment courses" during the holidays. Adrama camp during school holidays meets a need of her childrens' and her peers. She had a vision for a company that offers a course right where people live. One that would also foster friendships and earn the trust of other parents. She wants to discover who the other believers are who live in the same condo, and open the door for the Way, truth and life to be shared in that community.
I was eager to pitch in to help run the initial trial camp; which we held last week.
Without it being a Vacation Bible School, could we still offer (and charge for) a camp where we point people to Jesus and the God of the Bible? Through the theme [Super] Heroes, I wrote a curriculum that emphasizes character, moral values and included a Bible story. We also offered a chance for the children to donate their used books for school children in Cambodia, and dedicated a percentage of any profit toward that same project.
Lord thank you that Play!werks has had a successful first round, with a morning and afternoon session taught by another Christian trainer who understands the vision! We pray for your direction for the future of this new company as a platform for Christian freelance drama trainers to have incomeand ministry in Singapore.
Our son Cameron took photos and video all week, andpretended to not be happy that the children called him "The Giant." He had willingly stepped in to improv Goliath, and our one little boy wasDavid. We sang the old children's song, and they loved seeing "the giant come tumbling down!"
Thank you Lord for the opportunity to share something about you with children, and help a friend in launching a viable business idea.
Sue MacKenzie, friend with loads of VBS experience in California, came to my rescue when I asked for advice over email. She suggested our theme song, Super Hero, with a reference to David & Goliath. They performed the song for their parents on the last morning.
We told stories of heros in history and let the children have a chance to dress up like that person for a portrait.
Along with Cameron, who's here for summer, I invited 3 others to help. I met these kids soon after moving to this neighborhood because their parents ran the local video store. These past 4+ years, along with their mother, a new believer, we've become friends. They even call me their Godmother!
"Aunty Kim, can we help again next holiday?"
I've seen them grow in faith, helped them learn how to bake, and taken other outings during their school holidays. This week was a chance for the twins (15) and their brother (12) to grow in confidence and leadership. 
A Community Outreach with the Producers of 8 Women
Another unusual opportunity for ministry came along when I was invited to be a guest artist for a day long music festival at Singapore General Hospital. In the months leading up to it, I encouraged other believers to approach the producers so that they too could join in the days' line up of talent. Then we asked friends to join us in bringing the presence of Christ along with the music. I had a vision that musicians who are Christians could come alongsideSing'theatre with good music, as well as bring our prayers for healing, comfort, and God to reveal himself to our audiences on that day.
The event was nearly cancelled due to record breaking hazardous levels of smog!The haze from fires in Indonesia comes every year, but this was the worst it's ever been. The government had encouraged everyone to stay indoors as much as possible. I wondered how my voice would hold out through a day of 7 sets of 25 mintues each (some of them outdoors). God was so generous to me in keeping my voice strong through the day, adn having a terrific time entertaining people with some silly lyrics to Disney tunes. The following day (our 28th Anniversary) a surprise gift was this photo/article in Singapore's newspaper The Straights Times!
The other special gift that week: a visit from Phil and Lydia Hocking, a couple who's lives have been faithful to Jesus' last command: mission "to the ends of the earth." They have been faithful leaders for mission and eldership in our sending church, Rolling Hills Covenant. What a delight it is to have shown them our city, and talked about the fruit of their investments in the Kingdom of God in Asia, mentoring spiritual leaders, and artists.
Praying in July: Vietnam Bound!
Jim leaves today, and Cameron and I will follow later in the week. Jim has 3 separate groups of leaders who are meeting July 2-9th, and then we'll take a short flight to another large city in Vietnam. There we'll join up and serve alongside Bless Vietnam and a short-term team from a supporting church,Fullerton Evangelical Free Church (where we were married and Jim had a pastoral internship in 1985). If you want to read more about Christianity in Vietnam, click here.
Our older son Tyler has just arrived in Romania for a month long Army internship/cultural exchange.  We look forward his return to Singapore on July 29th. It will be his first time back "home" since high school graduation in 2011!
  • Lord, we trust you have good plans for Tyler in this unique summer job opportunity, and that he will grow in his walk with you and understanding of your calling for his life. For Jim, Cameron and I, we look forward to serving as a family together on this trip to Vietnam, and ask that you bear much fruit in the lives of national Christian leaders Jim (and I) meet with, as well as the children we'll befriend in English classes on this short-term adventure with FEFC.
A Request from LA Friends with a gift of hospitality and an extra room: Morgane, the French actress from 8 Women, the play I was in last April, is planning a visit to Los Angeles to try to break into showbusiness for as long as a visitor visa will allow her to. She'll be coming to LA and is looking for housing near the valley or Hollywood. I would love to see her stay with a single gal or couple, or family who wants to work on their French language and cooking! If you'd consider a short term home stay ministry for her, drop me a note back!
Do let us know how we can also be praying for you.
Jim & Kimberly Creasman​
Empowering Spiritual Leaders with Church Resource Ministries USA (and Singapore)

June 23, 2013

play!werks Camp [Super] Hero starts tomorrow!

A new company gets off the ground tomorrow morning as we launch the pilot camp for play!werks a company my friend Yvonne Tay conceived and has invited me to help with.

An experiment with how can we bring a good experience with imaginative play, a quality 1/2 day weeklong camp experience for lower primary kids, satisfy parents, and be unapologetically coming from a Christian worldview as we teach values we believe were given us by our creator.

Our theme song SUPER HERO by Snazzy is one of many ways we're pointing arrows to a Saviour who is our ultimate Super Hero.

*SPOILER ALERT* Mom's Limericks Summer Movie Reviews

My son Cameron is being required (by his parents) to write a short review on every movie he watches. I said I'd join him by trying to write some movie reviews of my own...

Young Kirk's fatal flaw's non-compliance.
Cocky, above the rules, self reliant.
But despite shades of grey
He still saves the day
Does corruption justify his defiance?

Jack's vigilant watch from the sky
Was or future earth's water supply
But he left his own zone
And discovered his clone
Proving all he believed was a lie.

It's a Fitzgerald tale of white trash
Who threw parties excessesive, a blast!
It was for an old flame.
Then he died taking the blame.
What he gets for drink driving too fast.

June 17, 2013

Planning Drama Cross Culturally


List of questions for host/sponsor in another country where you are going to work with translators to teach drama skills:

1. Number of students we'll work with (Can this number be broken down to how many primary school aged, teenagers, adults?).

2. Can we have some of the students from the training sessions perform drama/sharing in the church on the weekend (rather than us perform using a translator?)

3. Have they had any training before, or done any drama as part of their ministry (this will help us know what to teach, AND is it possible for them to do something for us on our first morning to help us get to know them and their ability better before we start? (The host asked the students to share their testimony in a creative/dramatic style which was very helpful to see them and get to know them right away)

4. Please give us an indication if the students will be outgoing to try improvisational games from the beginning, or will we need to spend a few hours (days??) warming them up and drawing them out/ helping them get comfortable being expressive and playing?

5. What have they recently been being taught in discipleship/Bible study that has made an impact on the group? [this helped us decide on a text and topics for improv]

6. Are there any Bible stories or teachings about Christianity that are particularly challenging to the Cambodian mindset? (what do preachers like to preach on alot?)

7. With time short and LOADS of books and articles available, Advise about what to read to prepare us best in understanding culture and our students' backgrounds.

February 16, 2013

CONSOLATION: a dance drama for artists who want to serve their church

for Evelyn. and the rest of you. 
"Thank you our dear LORD that you do give us those windows!"

MALE and FEMALE begin a very simple modern dance in white. He appears to give her motion. They are eternal and beautiful. It is not a sensual dance, and yet it is stirring and intimate.
Another WOMAN, looking much like the female dancer, is standing upstage. As she begins to move downstage she occasionally speaks while she pantomimes trying to open the (imaginary) doors in front of her. She can’t. They are locked or blocked. As she encounters these closed doors, she moves to the side and mimes going through open windows, this happens a few times until she has traveled all the way downstage.

Four groups of PEOPLEare standing on the downstage side of these imaginary doors. They are the ones who are blocking them, or keeping them shut. One or two does it intentionally, but the others don’t seem to be aware of the frustration they are causing.

I always knew that my passion and creativity came from outside myself. Somewhere deeper. Higher. Wider. It was like a wellspring that I couldn’t take credit for. Life is hard. You learn that pretty quickly. And having this passion, and creating, brought light. Lightness. Sharing it with others somehow helped lighten the burden. I loved sharing…when I could.

Lord knows I tried.

I came to accept that it wasn’t really practical. Like food for the hungry. Or education. Or maintenance. Or building …tangible, measurable appropriate.

Which I did. And he helped me find windows because doors were closed.

Because this. This was when I felt his pleasure. And sensed my purpose.

As the WOMAN proceeds downstage, the PEOPLE as door blockers, move to the edges of the dance area. They are in a semi-circle. Their eyes are closed, or their backs are turned to the dancers. She nearly to the edge of the stage.

And life, it turned out, was short.

The WOMAN kneels down, temporarily wounded and the dancers movements are the same. She takes off her burden to reveal she is dressed like the dancer. As the male dancer assists the female up, the woman also similarly rises. The dance continues. She takes her time.

In eternity we’ll make up for opportunities that were lost.

The dance intensifies in its difficulty and beauty and the characters along the sides begin to watch the dancing in obvious amazement.

PEOPLE: (Lines overlaid.)
What were we thinking?                              What were we thinking??  
How could we not have valued?                     This contribution.

Such a testament.          Beautiful.          How could we have missed?

The Living Word.  Is there…   Here…in this… 

And we didn’t let him speak.

The dance it turns out is infinite, and the people join in. Awkwardly at first, and the dance turns jubilant. The lights fade to black as the WOMAN exits through the center aisle, not only consoled, but also finally and eternally fulfilled in sharing her gift and her joy.

Speaking with Journalists: What informs my art...

A few months a I was having dinner with a visual artist. How does one talk about their strong faith with a most probably godless journalist? I had fun writing a little monologue for her afterward.

When Donna is questioned about what informs or inspires her art...here's what I picture sweet Donna saying:

Can I be honest without you getting offended? You see it's easier for me to not really answer. to be vague. It's ...safer.

No matter what one's religion, The world sees artists as prophets that speak to the soul. Don't you think that humankind, no matter what one's spiritual inclinations are, sees artists as somewhat prophetic? Of course you do.

Yes, but some kinds of Spirituality is acceptable, and others ...can make an artist an instant paraiah. 
Religious subjects like The Kama sutra on sanskrit on any surface is fascinating or...or...[other examples]  

Then, you have my, Donna's, virgins in a botanic garden...and they perhaps spark curiosity and hopefully respect.  
That is, as long as I talk about my themes in broad sweeping general stokes. 
What if I admitted to you that the Virgjn Mary in those intricately cut gardens are rife with specific meaning for me about promise and hope, and submission and even virginity? Oh dear.
No. I fear you will not be truly tolerant. 
Not tolerant toward a "serious artist" who takes Jesus for who he claimed to be, or who also believes in a perfect, holy, just and magnificent God who can be known and experienced in a personal way. 
Are you bristling yet? 
Are you already trying in your mind to figure out how you'll reframe my answer in your article? 
If not, If you can take it; then here you go: 
(Even if it means career suicide to admit that.)"

[Then don't directly answer the question. change the subject, ask another question first]For better or worse, we sense that art speaks on a different plane. in in both the making and the viewing...art engages our soul...or whatever you want to call that part of us that is inside and is more than our brain because it stirs up something transcendent. Don't you think?[wait..wait]what 'informs my work' is an unshakable confidence in a knowable God and his great love and justice and mercy. Because of his worthiness, I approach my art as I do everything in life: I try to submit my will to his will, however he wants to work in and inspire me, my work and my life. Then I asked my husband James' advice. He is infinitely wiser than I am. (I didn't tell him specifics of our conversation, but his first comment was something like, "Donna's a smart capable and articulate woman. She probably has this more figured out than most!")

With anyone in media who might twist your words, don't use labels to describe yourself. Labels let others define what the label means. avoid using the word "Christian." 
"Art is deeply spiritual, and my spirituality is important to me. I pray for inspiration and I feel God leading me in how I move forward." (What you probably already say!!)
On Morality specifically: "Every system of belief had their own standard of what's right and wrong. So, I also let the God of the Bible shape my moral opinions more than society. Sometimes that puts me in an awkward dissonance with popular opinion and the lifestyles of my colleagues."
Try and create as winsome a reply as you can without compromise. 

February 07, 2013

Sacred Pathways & 8 Women: How did this get started?

January 21, 2013

On the Movie: Les Miserables

I'm still ruminating over the movie version of Claude-Michel Schönberg's LES MISERABLES. I saw it this afternoon. I sat next to my mother-in-law who was seeing it for the first time and she wept through most of the 2 hours and 40 minutes. She was undone. 

I was reminded for the first time in a long while how much this story and these songs have shaped my life values and convictions. While we are living on this earth, the victims of temporal suffering and evil need hope that this isn't all there is. 

 "Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me? Somewhere beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see?" 

 I told my 16 year old, who was thumbs down after the credits had begun to roll, that "this movie is a big reason why I chose a career of volunteer service in Christian ministry." (I also told him, as he complained about it just being 'wrong' that his favorite action actors were singing through an entire movie, to not say another word. Well, actually, I think what I really said was, "Shut up and stop proving how small minded and shallow you still are.") 

That Bishop welcomed the homeless to his table. The Bishop made his generous offer of the silver candlesticks and told the thief "I have bought your soul for God." Jean Valjean, the thief wrestles with how to continue in his stone hearted life. 

The heart of anger born of despair chooses the hope of God's ability to make him a better man. 

I want to be that Bishop. 

To be generous in forgiveness. To offer hope. To speak genuine positivity that breeds courage. Even in the face of hardness and opposition. I want to stand firm in my belief that affirming and serving others is a costly but worthwhile way to invest my life. 

Even when it's toward my 16 year old who dares to mock such inspiration.

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